Native language visits

A good husband for a foreign wife?

News from the partnership project

Michelle Obama i København

Danish customs and unwritten rules

New Program – New Perspectives

A breath of fresh air in Denmark


News from the partnership project

We recently attended the second meeting of the partnership program for experience exchanges in connection to

Michelle Obama i København

The World’s Women in Denmark received a fantastic opportunity to hear Michelle Obama speak at Royal

Danish customs and unwritten rules

Our organisation has become very experienced in integrating women of different nationalities into the Danish labor


A Supportive Christmas Lunch

We are developing a concept for the organisation’s annual Christmas lunch, whereby an organisation member opens their home and hosts the event. The menu consists of traditional Danish Christmas lunch dishes, combined with celebratory traditions stemming from the homeland of the hostess. Last year, our

A new approach to Christmas!

About provocation, tradition and other things

Bicycle Rides as an Integration Tool?

Being an older individual in Denmark

The road is long


A good husband for a foreign wife?

    At our event in Civiltinget at Folkemødet 2019, where we discussed the situations of mixed marriages, we posed three questions

The Meeting with Yildiz Akdogan

How do I find a Danish friend?

“Speak Danish, damn it!”


We will learn to fight against stress

Vi har desværre oplevet at flere og flere medlemmer af vores forening har måttet melde sig syg med stress og det