A good husband for a foreign wife?



At our event in Civiltinget at Folkemødet 2019, where we discussed the situations of mixed marriages, we posed three questions to our guests of honor. Our guests were three men, who are all married to foreigners. After telling us about their love story, we asked Gorm Anker GunnarsenJan Andersen and Regnar Albæk Kristensen  the following;

  • Have you encountered any obstacles with regards to having married a foreign woman? And has your wife’s foreign status had any significance in terms of family life and your relationship?
  • What did your wives need in particular during the first time after arrival? And did you feel capable of meeting these needs? How would you assess your participation in the adjustment of your wives here in Denmark?
  • What advice would you pass onto other men who fall in love with a foreign woman? What can a man do in order to help his wife feel content in the new country, to which she has arrived?

We were lucky that our interview was recorded by Bornholm radio and that the answers are available for interested listeners. We will post a link to the session as soon as we receive it.


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