Project Visit in Native Speak is a Visitation Offer for the Elderly

The aim of the project is to help loneliness amongst elderly members of society with a foreign background.

The organization The World’s Women in Denmark has developed an offer for elderly members of society with an ethnic minority background who, because of cultural and linguistic barriers, have limited contact to others in their everyday lives. One of the most important elements of the project is the application of native languages.

The World’s Women in Denmark makes up a group of volunteers who can reach out to elderly members of society in their native language, conducting visits through a structured visitation schedule. By bringing this demographic out of isolation, we prepare and train volunteer immigrants to become ethnic visitation companions, capable of establishing contact to lonely elders with an ethnic minority background.

We match up couples, visitation friend with visitation host, where both participants speak the same language and share cultural backgrounds.

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The project is supported by Fonden Ensomme Gamles Værn