§ 1 The Name

The name of the organization is “The World’s Women in Denmark”

Our organization is located in the heart of North Copenhagen.

§2 Our Aim

The aim of the organization is to promote equality and to function as a tool for establishing contact amongst women throughout the world. We work towards achieving this goal by use of the following means:

  • Promotion of information
  • Through an array of social activities arranged by the organization
  • Close cooperation between other associations and organizations in order to increase visibility
  • Helping female immigrants to become increasingly integrated into Danish society
  • To strengthen a positive public opinion of integration and the problems related to the concept
  • To establish and maintain a positive perception of female immigrants

§3 Our Activities

In working towards achieving the goals laid out by the organization, members are encouraged to create various forms of publications, such as articles, films and social media posts. We manage our own research and monitoring projects, and take great pleasure in the arranging of seminars and exhibitions.

The World’s Women in Denmark is invested in the representation of female interests, and additionally offers the possibility of consultation sessions to address and discuss problems experienced by women.

Lastly, the organization offers lectures, courses, study groups and evening school as well as other forms of educational possibilities. In order to reach our goals, we believe in partaking in the various public debates that address cultural, feminist and societal circumstances. And in relation to this, we believe that we too, have a responsibility to establish the necessary conditions for maintaining a balance between the aforementioned areas of society.

§4  Structure and  Membership

A key factor of the organization is of course, our members. Anyone who shares our views and supports our goals is welcome to join.

    – Discontinuation of Membership

In order to stop a membership, we ask that the member contacts the administration in written form.

    – Exclusion

Any members working against the aims of the organization or promoting an incorrect or undesirable outward representation of the organization, may be excluded and dismissed as a member. Such a decision will be reached by a majority vote at a general assembly.

§5 Group Delegation

The administration of The World’s Women in Denmark groups together members who may have specific qualities in common, in order to facilitate successful management of various activities that contribute to the accomplishment of organization aims.

§6 Annual General Assembly

The general assembly meeting is held every year before the 1st of June and it serves as a key factor in maintaining a strong sense of unity within the organization. Four weeks prior to the meeting, an invitation and meeting program are sent out by the administration. A typical meeting program will contain the following:

  • A vote of the Chairman and the Secretary
  • A decision regarding the acceptance or exclusion of members in question
  • An unified approval of the administration’s report
  • An approval of the financial accounts and budget information of the current year
  • An approval of the working plan for the year
  • Discussion of received suggestions, for example; the scope of membership participation
  • A vote for the Chairman and the administration
  • A vote for minimum three substitutes for the administration
  • A vote for two critical observers
  • Any additional matters

§7 The right to vote at the General Assembly

All members who have paid the annual subscription fee one month prior to the meeting retain the right to vote. Administration members do not have the right to vote when it comes to the matter of the administration report. The general assembly is open to anyone, including supporters without membership, however the right to vote is reserved for members.

§8 An extraordinary General Assembly

An extraordinary general assembly is held by the administration if demanded by one third of organization members. The invitation is sent one month prior to the scheduled meeting, as done with the annual assembly. The extraordinary general assembly should be held at least six weeks after the administration has accepted the proposed program.

§9 Content suggestions for the General Assembly

Suggestions for the general assembly should be handed in to the administration at least three weeks before the meeting and sent to the members at least one week before the meeting.

§10 Administration Structure

The general assembly selects the administration, which consists of about three to five members. All members who have the right to vote participate in the selection of the administration. The administration establishes its own order and delegates positions as it sees fit.

§11 Administration Meetings

There should be at least two administration meetings held annually.

§12 Financial Account and Property

The organization’s accounting year follows the calendar year. The World’s Women in Denmark uses an external auditor, if the organization’s budget is over 50.000 kr. The annual report should be acknowledged and revised by the two critical observers before the ordinary general meeting. The administration is responsible for the organization’s financial decisions. The administration may deliver some of the expenses to an external bookkeeper. The organization’s property, beyond cash, should be administered according to the related law.

§13 Representation and Responsibility

The organization is primarily represented by the Chairman, in other cases the organization is represented by the chairman’s signature or the signature of another administration member. Members of the administration may choose to accept responsibility according to specific circumstances.

§14 The Change of Regulations and the Closing of the Organization

Regulations can be changed with the majority vote of the general assembly. There should be a two-thirds majority of voting members in order to close down the organization. In such a case, all property goes to the Countess Danner Foundation. This was accepted at the general assembly on the 22nd of September 2005. The last regulation change was made at the general assembly on the 7th of June, and the last extraordinary general assembly was held on the 13th of September 2011.

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