The organization, The World’s Women in Denmark, was founded on the 22nd of December 2005. The aim of the organization is to promote equality and to function as a tool for establishing contact amongst women throughout the world. We work towards achieving this goal by use of the following means:

  • Promotion of information
  • Through an array of social activities arranged by the organization
  • Close cooperation between other associations and organizations in order to increase visibility, which is our ultimate goal!
  • Helping female immigrants to become increasingly integrated into Danish society
  • To strengthen a positive public opinion of integration and the problems related to the concept
  • To establish and maintain a positive perception of female immigrants

In working towards achieving the goals laid out by the organization, The World’s Women in Denmark members are encouraged to create various forms of publications, such as articles, films and social media posts. We manage our own research and monitoring projects, and take great pleasure in the arranging of seminars and exhibitions.

The World’s Women in Denmark is invested in the representation of female interests, and additionally offers the possibility of consultation sessions to address and discuss problems experienced by women.

Lastly, the organization offers lectures, courses, study groups and evening school as well as other forms of educational possibilities. In order to reach our goals, we believe in partaking in the various public debates that address cultural, feminist and societal relations. And in relation to this, we believe that we too have a responsibility to establish the necessary conditions for maintaining a balance between the aforementioned areas of society.


If you have any questions or comments please send us an email or fill out a form below.