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The Association “Verdens kvinder i Danmark” has prepared and printed out a brochure, where active children with different ethnic backgrounds,  tell in different languages (Somali, Urdu, Arabic, Turkish, Russian) about their participation in Association’s life. The positive stories and good examples aim to inspire children and young people with ethnic minority backgrounds to join associations and activities, as well as to inspire parents to support their children. The brochure contains and hints on how to find an association that is appropriate for children and young people, which also might recruit them. The brochure will be presented and distributed at parent-teacher meetings and places such as meeting café, schools in Nørrebro,  Integrationshuset Kringlebakken, Indvandrer Kvindecentret, FAKTI, sports halls,  libraries etc. Moreover, it will be disseminated via the world’s KulturCentrets women’s forum, which brings together about 70 women from different ethnic groups. Here you can see and print the brochure (danish).



  1. Please do it in English as well!

  2. Det er rigtigt interessant foreningen og aktiv for udlænding.

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