The municipality of Copenhagen provides our organization with a venue every Monday from 5 pm to 7 pm in the World’s Center for Culture (Verdens Kultur Centret) free of charge. Therefore Mondays are our primary occasion for meeting altogether with the purpose of discussing various current topics, often in smaller groups.

This weekly meeting is often referred to as “Clever Monday, your guide to integration”. These meetings are open to all, regardless of whether you are male or female, member or non-member. There is no official subscription needed in order to attend the meetings, however events on social media like Facebook will often be created and we urge you to register on there, so that we have an idea of how many participants will be attending.





19th of March: Feminism: Soviet stereotypes and Danish reality (Феминизм: советские стереотипы и датская реальность.

23rd of April: Motivation, happiness and success.

14th of May: Bilingualism of Russian-Danish children.

21st of May: My personal journey to Islam.

8th of October: Focus on ethnic discrimination.

22nd of October: Pension in Denmark.

29th of October: Tax – Income tax.

5th of November: Housing Finance, Mortgage.

12th of November: Optimisation of private economy.

19th of November: Harassment in the workplace.


14th of January: Unwritten rules in the Danish labor market.

4th of February: Why do you have to be a member of a Trade Union?

11th of February: Feminism as an aid in everyday problems.

25th of February: How to stay healthy: the Danish health care system?

4th of March: Danish education in day-care institutions and schools: what’s the point?

18th of March: Do you have leadership potential?

25th of March: Mixed marriages: how to improve a relationship?

13th of May: “To shoot the parrot”: sayings and idioms in Danish.

19th of August: Raise money for the Organization’s activities.

9th of September: Introduction meeting.  Welcome to The World’s Women in Denmark.

16th of September: Kierkegaard and Russia

23rd of September: “I could do anything if I only knew what it was”: about Barbara Sher and her books.

30th of September: Tour of Copenhagen City Hall with politician Bjarne P. Nielsen (SF)

7th of October: “Why do people blog?”

14th of October: “Russian trace in Copenhagen: Assistens Cemetery”

27th of October: “Revitonica: give me my face back”

4th of November: “Forced placement of children from families in Denmark: prejudice and reality”

11th of November: “Municipal election 2013: How can we use our right to vote?”

18th of November: “Time Management (for women)”

25th of November: “Make your own Christmas decorations”


20th of January: “Investing in real estate – to create a business from scratch” (for Russian speakers)

22nd of September: “Family law, child custody cases, child support, the place of residence and rights of visitation.  Divorce and the splitting of property. International family law.”

6th of October: “Folk education, high school and Grundtvig.”

10th of November: “Political approach to Danish society”

8th of December: “We learn Christmas songs together”


12th of January: “The Organization’s media strategy.”

2nd of February: Book presentation “Life and money in Denmark” for Russian-speakers.

3rd of. February: Meeting with writer Sonja Vesterholt, who has written a book “The dog is sound”. The book includes stories from her life in the Soviet Union.

13th of April: “The burning life history narrative.”

20th of April: Meet Jytte Hilden and 99 pink elephants.

11th of May: “Me, my husband and Danish culture” (for Hispanics)

15th of June: “Me, my husband and Danish culture” (now in Danish)

5th of October: Meeting the writer Tatiana Rusuberg, who has written a crime novel “Jack on the Moon” in Russian. The book contains stories of a tragic life in Denmark experienced by a Russian woman married to a Dane, who arrives in Denmark with her teenage son.


11th of April: Brainstorm of the Organization’s development perspectives.

14th of April: “My meeting with Denmark – impressions, reflections, doubts”. A presentation by Anna Gordano depicting her initial meeting with Denmark.

25th of April: “Efforts for employment – what works for the unemployed?”  Lecture by Kenneth Lykke Sørensen from Aarhus University

9th of May: How to increase the visibility of ethnic minority women’s organizations?

6th of June: Immigrant work stress: phenomenon, myth or prejudice? (in Russian)

13th of June: Achieve success with a smile! Stress prevention workshop.

3rd of October: How can we, women of an ethnic minority, use videos effectively in social media?

14th of November: Is dating your way to love?


17thof April:  Inclusion when it comes to work life – a question about standards with researcher Burak Friis Christensen.

2nd of October Program: “5 Tibetans”: meditation as a way to deal with stress. Lesson 1.

16th of October Program: “5 Tibetans”: meditation as a way to deal with stress. Lesson 2.

23rd of October Program: “5 Tibetans”: meditation as a way to deal with stress. Lesson 3.

30th of October Program: “5 Tibetans”: meditation as a way to deal with stress. Lesson 4.

6th of November Program: “5 Tibetans”: meditation as a way to deal with stress. Lesson 5.


23rd of April:  “Personal finances” with professor Michael Møller.

14th of May:  Showing of the movie “ROAD is LONG” about the history of women’s movement and a dialogue with film director Mette Knudsen.


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