På Kvindernes internationale kampdag har Verdens kvinder i Danmark og koret Verdens Sangfugle arrangeret støttekoncert for Ukraines kvinder og børn. Vi har indsamlet næsten 16.000 kroner, som er sendt videre til et børnehjem i Odessa området. Det er et stort beløb, som vi ikke har kunnet drømme om. Tak tilREAD MORE

We are developing a concept for the organisation’s annual Christmas lunch, whereby an organisation member opens their home and hosts the event. The menu consists of traditional Danish Christmas lunch dishes, combined with celebratory traditions stemming from the homeland of the hostess. Last year, our hostess was Phuong Doan from Vietnam,READ MORE

Each year we arrange a Christmas event so that our members are able to enjoy different aspects of the many wonderful Danish Christmas traditions. This year, the organisation The World’s Women in Denmark invited its members on a Christmas stroll, guided by talented lecturers from ‘Københavnerture’, a company specialising inREAD MORE

It was a heavily attended event when well known feminist and Instagrammer, Ekaterina Krarup Andersen, was invited by our organisation to be a spokesperson. In inviting Ekaterina to come and start a dialogue with the audience, our aim was to raise awareness amongst our members regarding the new wave ofREAD MORE

Throughout the fifteen years of our organisation’s existence, we have hosted numerous debates and organised many events focused on integration. Furthermore, we have also developed the ‘Clever Monday’ system that serves as a guide to the integration process with at least forty different topics. These can be found here onREAD MORE

At the well-prepared dialogue meeting at the Talk Town 2018 festival, the organisation Feminist Change has raised the subject of becoming and being old. World’s Women in Denmark have contributed to the joint discussion with a focus on ethnic minorities. You can hear the interview with our representative Olga FruerlundREAD MORE

Director of the film, Mette Knudsen, presented the film and explained her reasons for working on precisely this project. We saw two parts of the film; the rest were to be seen at home. Mette gave the audience a copy of the film in its entirety with English subtitles. TheREAD MORE

Every Christmas our organization tries to teach our members something special about the Danish traditions. Earlier, we have made Christmas decoration, learned Danish Christmas songs, enjoyed traditional Christmas lunch. This year we decided to learn how to make traditional Christmas sweets. This enjoyable Danish tradition is about the whole familyREAD MORE

On November 7, 2017, exactly 100 years after the Russian revolution, which was one of the most landmarking events in the 20th century, the Women of the World in Denmark society will bring focus on Alexandra Kollontaj. Alexandra Kollontaj was one of the driving forces in the revolution and aREAD MORE

Slag til Selvværdet (Blows to the self-esteem) is a photo project with society member Claudia Adeath behind. She gives a voice to immigrant women, who have lived in Denmark for years, and who have been in touch with the Danish labour market. Through their stories and using photos and texts,READ MORE