A Supportive Christmas Lunch

We are developing a concept for the organisation’s annual Christmas lunch, whereby an organisation member opens their home and hosts the event. The menu consists of traditional Danish Christmas lunch dishes, combined with celebratory traditions stemming from the homeland of the hostess. Last year, our hostess was Phuong Doan from Vietnam, and this year we were invited by Fatiha Sørensen, who is of Algerian heritage. This was an incredible meal and the Christmas decorations were spectacular. We laughed, discussed important topics and got to know each other better. The highlight of the night was of course the game of ‘pass the parcel’. Already now, we know that the hostess of 2019 will be Kurdish Sabahat Cilgin Amedi. Each participant pays a fee that covers the meal as well as a donation to a specifically selected charity – A charity providing New Year presents for children in Osh (Kirgisistan) who were contaged with HIV during birth, at the local hospital. We have collaborated with the NGO Rainbow Kyrgyzstan for almost 10 years now, an organisation that aims to help and purchase New Year presents for the vulnerable children in Osh.

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