Our Chairman Alma Bekturganova Andersen was invited to host a presentation during the conference ‘Migrant Women’s Votes – What is good integration?’ that KULU (The Women’s Developing Countries Committee) arranged in collaboration with the member-based organisation Babaylan. Alma’s presentation addressed how we, as immigrants, learn to navigate the unwritten rulesREAD MORE

Today Verdens kvinder i Danmark held a course on Nordic fish dishes for women from the Association Ishtar – De Etniske Rødstrømper ( Ishtar-The ethnic red stockings). Two very different ethnic minority associations from Nørrebro met together to learn about new Nordic.  More specifically, to learn about the different waysREAD MORE

A few years ago, we congratulated our members with their new jobs. Several years passed by and we began to concern about the fact that many of them suffer from a work-related stress and became ill as a result.  So we have had to gather at our Clever Monday (READ MORE

Our Association takes the initiative to arrange an experience development meeting for representatives from associations of  ethnic minority women. We suggest that we discuss how we can best tell the outside world about our associations? What means and methods are most appropriate and work most effectively? What can we learnREAD MORE

There are many needs of our members. One of the most important is to develop their Danish language skills. We regularly use various methods to become better at Danish. On our Clever Monday in April, we have chosen to practice Danish by telling each other one story from our lives.READ MORE