Two migrant women associations holds course on Nordic fish dishes

Today Verdens kvinder i Danmark held a course on Nordic fish dishes for women from the Association Ishtar – De Etniske Rødstrømper ( Ishtar-The ethnic red stockings).

Two very different ethnic minority associations from Nørrebro met together to learn about new Nordic.  More specifically, to learn about the different ways to prepare and serve fish. Why? One association – #VerdenskvinderiDanmark – gathers most women from Western European and Latin American countries, the second – Ishtar – De Etniske Rødstrømper-brings together women from the Middle East. One Association has among its members a great fondness for new Nordic food, where fish is one of the essential ingredients. The other association cooks for customers but has not so much fish on the menu.

The purpose of the activity was both to learn to know each other better (two different women’s worlds) and to put the focus on Nordic dish identity, sustainability, good taste, and benefit. The aim of the project is to unite two very different, in terms of religion and social background, groups of women in a joint project, aimed at raising awareness of the Scandinavian model through a theme that everyone can relate to- food.

A photo story, on how one can make fish dishes, was created. We will upload it to our Facebook page, including the recipes, so our readers could also learn how to cook new Nordic dishes.

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