We will learn to fight against stress

The Board of the Organization drew the attention to the fact that more and more of our members are exposed to stress and depression. There are many reasons for that. And the main of the reasons is working in the new labor market and using the language which is not their mother tongue.

Along with, that we have formed the conversation group, we now support a new initiative for our members, the purpose of which is to prevent stress and depression. Natalie Hugason holds a course ” 5 Tibetans” for free for the members of the Association Verdens kvinder i Danmark. This course  is a meditation and includes stress prevention exercises.

2nd of October, 5 pm,  1st lesson – presentation of energy gymnastics “5 Tibetans” – 45 minutes. What is meditation, types of meditations. Movement as an active meditation – 15 minutes;


16th of October, 5 pm, 2nd lesson – training “5 Tibetans” 45 min. Breath – the Foundation of foundations – as an active meditation. How to breathe properly in order to avoid stress – 15 minutes;


23rd of October, 5 pm, 3rd lesson – training “5 Tibetans” 45 min. Self- massage of biologically active points. Concentration on the pulse – passive meditation – 15 minutes;


30th of October, 5 pm, 4th lesson – training “5 Tibetans” 45 min. Another Tibetan energetic gymnastics (performed as soon as awake in bed) 15 min;


6th of November, 5 pm,  5th lesson – SpinFly- the most feminine practice-meditation.


Contact: kontakt@verdenskvinder.dk



  1. Mange tak for omsorg for medlemmerne af klubben.meget interessant begivenhed,
    men jeg har en skole, jeg kan ikke besøge alle dage

  2. Author

    Ja, det er ærgerligt at du har skole i disse tidspunkter.

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