Immigrants’ work stress: phenomenon, myth or prejudice?

A few years ago, we congratulated our members with their new jobs. Several years passed by and we began to concern about the fact that many of them suffer from a work-related stress and became ill as a result.  So we have had to gather at our Clever Monday ( Dygtig Mandag) to discuss the topic. Is there anything in our social background, which increases the risk of getting stress. Why do we deny, that there is something wrong with our working lives? How can we prevent stress?

By using the coach Svetlana Mikkelsen, we first looked at the problem from the viewpoint of those members, who have come to Denmark with the Soviet background because they is the biggest group that was hit by stress. And a week later we have invited Svetlana Vinogradova from Success House ApS in order to hold an information seminar for all our members on the prevention of stress. It was a good chance to test themselves and try to learn how to enjoy life and bring joy to all.

Now we are in the process of preparing applications for several meetings because we have gained an understanding that the issue requires a more in-depth treatment and we have good resources in our association to do it jointly.

If you are interested in the topic, you  are welcome to contact us via e-mail in order to get detailed information about our plans.


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