News from the partnership project

We recently attended the second meeting of the partnership program for experience exchanges in connection to integration projects, held in Tallinn. We went to learn about Estonia’s NGOs that work with the integration of refugees into Estonian society. We met with representatives from the Ukrainian and Jewish diaspora, we ate at an Arabic restaurant where Syrian refugees work and we became familiar with the work of ENUT (Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre).

During the meetings and debates, participants had an opportunity to exchange information and be updated on what has been happening in partner organisations since our last meeting. We were particularly pleased to hear about our partners in Saint Petersburg who have published the piece “Adventure without borders”, a collection of Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Russian adventures. The collection of adventures is available in two languages, both Russian and the original language, which helps migrant children from central Asia in Saint Petersburg strengthen their Russian while also learning about their own folk tales, and reading them in their mother tongue.

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