The Meeting with Yildiz Akdogan

“If you brew the coffee, I’ll bring the cake!” – And with that, Yildiz Akdogan invited herself for coffee, and 10 of us accepted this offer today. We have entered an election year, and therefore we felt that a meeting with Yildiz, who holds a seat in the Parliament of Social Democracy, would be a good first step in preparation of the important year ahead; We want to be ready at the polls with strong and well thought-out opinions. Therefore our first question for Yildiz focused on the widely discussed new law L140, proposed by the government and the Danish People’s Party. The law is essentially concerned with replacing the permanence of integration with temporary residence in Denmark. We asked Yildiz to explain the consequences that refugees and immigrants would experience, if such a law were passed.

Additionally, we are ready to talk more about: the employment of immigrants, the rules regarding permanent residence permits, which increasingly force immigrant women to depend on their husbands. About how we can all affect public opinion of integration challenges in a positive manner and work towards creating a positive image of immigrant women.

An hour is too little time to cover everything, but we are pleased to have the opportunity to voice our everyday concerns in the company of a parliament member, who is genuinely eager to listen and to be able to hear what she, as a representative of the country’s largest political party, has to say about our views and opinions.

We are ready to meet with representatives from other parties, who feel that they would like to arrange appointments with our members.


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