INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EVENT A breath of fresh air in Denmark We want to honor women who fight for a place they can belong to. We chose to do so, during this year’s International Women’s Day. We want to celebrate women who share their strengths, experiences and love with this countryREAD MORE

A picture is worth a thousand words. The World’s Women in Denmark has a strong desire to help deflate the myth that claims the Danish to be socially shut off and unavailable for new friendships. We are therefore currently publishing portraits on our Facebook site of friendships between ethnic DanesREAD MORE

                                        The election campaign in connection with this fall’s municipal elections are now underway. Our Association is concerned about the low representation of women in the election. We are also concernedREAD MORE

Verdens kvinder i Danmark in cooperation with others from VerdensKulturCentrets network is planning to hold an event at Folkemødet in Bornholm. We will discuss how to talk about minorities, in order to hear them and to include them in the community. Words can hurt. Words create generalizations, stereotypes and prejudicesREAD MORE

Slag til Selvværdet (Blows to the self-esteem) is a photo project with society member Claudia Adeath behind. She gives a voice to immigrant women, who have lived in Denmark for years, and who have been in touch with the Danish labour market. Through their stories and using photos and texts,READ MORE