The election campaign in connection with this fall’s municipal elections are now underway. Our Association is concerned about the low representation of women in the election. We are also concernedREAD MORE

Just before Christmas we have visited the Parliament situated in the Christiansborg Palace. A member of the Parliament, Fatma Oktem, invited our organization to the excursion around the Parliament and a discussion of problems which are of great importance for women from ethnical minorities. It was a pleasure to meetREAD MORE

 One of our favourite projects “Immigrant women who will vote!” is now over. We have met with the female party members with an ethnic minority background from almost all the political parties represented in the city council of Copenhagen. We could not arrange a meeting with a representative from theREAD MORE

             “My heart will always be in the place where all people are equal”. On the 28th of August the organization called “World’s Women in Denmark” invited Nilgun Suner and Trine Henriksen from the party named “Enhedslisten” to tell about their party, its values and aims. Nilgun began theREAD MORE