We are not a homogeneous mass

We are not a homogeneous mass

 One of our favourite projects “Immigrant women who will vote!” is now over. We have met with the female party members with an ethnic minority background from almost all the political parties represented in the city council of Copenhagen. We could not arrange a meeting with a representative from the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF). “We have no female members with an ethnic background” – said in the response from the DF’s local party.

There were many educational evenings, where we had the opportunity to meet with various active women who have different ambitions, ideas about how should parties operate and who and what should be the parties focus. We have met with one who wants to run for Parliament in the future, and with one who considered to leave the party. We have heard one opinion: “solidarity is an old autocratic expression”, and another: ”solidarity means that men will help each other in all significant situations in life”. We have found out that all parties want a tax reform, but they have very different views on how and who should do more or less. But common to all our guests is that they have focused on why it is important to have women in politics. We also agreed that we must use our vote and that it is important to vote on an informed basis. We – immigrant women – will, can and must strengthen the local democracy.

As an ending gift from the project we have made an information booklet where all our guests have the opportunity to spread out their messages about: “Why is it important to be active in the society?”. The different messages are complementary and creates a broad picture of how we can contribute to the development of society. We also hope that we can visually break down the stereotype of migrant women as a homogeneous mass.

Here you can see and print information booklet. If you are interested to have it sent to you or your association, send a message to kontakt@verdenskvinder.dk.

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