Our organisation has become very experienced in integrating women of different nationalities into the Danish labor market. It is not the first time that the chairman of the organisation, Alma Bekturganova, has been invited to share these experiences with audiences on a variety of courses and at debates. This time,READ MORE

Our Chairman Alma Bekturganova Andersen was invited to host a presentation during the conference ‘Migrant Women’s Votes – What is good integration?’ that KULU (The Women’s Developing Countries Committee) arranged in collaboration with the member-based organisation Babaylan. Alma’s presentation addressed how we, as immigrants, learn to navigate the unwritten rulesREAD MORE

Members of our Organization have repeatedly faced situations where the lack of knowledge of the Danish unwritten rules prevented them from performing well at job interviews or building relationships with colleagues. Considering the importance of the issue, we use the opportunity to learn about the topic more.  Therefore, Verdens kvinderREAD MORE

Verdens kvinder i Danmark has invited/ordered two scholars to give lectures on the occasion of the Festival of research. The Festival of research is a nationwide science festival, which takes place every year in week 17 with about 500 events and more than 65,000 visitors. “Order a Researcher” is anREAD MORE