Inclusion in the workplace – a question about standards

Inclusion in the workplace – a question about standards

Members of our Organization have repeatedly faced situations where the lack of knowledge of the Danish unwritten rules prevented them from performing well at job interviews or building relationships with colleagues. Considering the importance of the issue, we use the opportunity to learn about the topic more.  Therefore, Verdens kvinder i Danmark invites all interested to a presentation on how norms in relations on the Danish labour market can be restrictive, exclusionary or directly discriminatory, especially seen through the eyes of ethnic minorities.

Come and hear the researcher Jannick Friis Christensen (PhD.  Copenhagen Business School)

VerdensKulturCentret, Monday the 24th. April,  7 pm-9 pm, room105

It is free of charge, but it requires that you sign up by sending us an email because of the limited space.

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