Two young, creative Danish girls on their way to Russia

Two young, creative Danish girls on their way to Russia

Two young, creative Danish girls are on their way to Russia to contribute to the closely packed programme at the International Organic Youth Music festival “Tre Kyster” (“Three Coasts”), which will be conducted in the city Petrozavodsk, September 15-16, 2017. The festival is an important part of the project “Youth Trio – Socializing, Culture, Creativity” supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Women of the World are responsible for this partnership project between voluntary organizations in Denmark, Finland and Karalen (Russia). The idea of the project is to establish bonds of friendship between youth in the individual countries and through this establish the foundation of mutual understanding and development of new, joint creative projects.

Elizabeth Schultz-Lorentzen Holstein, who is project manager for the Young Create and Tilde Gaardboe, who is a board member in the youth theater society will be on stage tomorrow in Petrozavodsk. On the festival day, Elizabeth Schultz-Lorentzen Holstein will enact a play based on her journey on roller blades through Denmark and on her encounters with young artists on her way. She tells us about their upbringing and how art is a condition of life for them. At the College of Art and Culture in Petrozavodsk she will give a presentation about her book and junior researcher project about visual arts as meeting spot for different cultures.

Tilde Gaardboe will present a small excerpt of one of the plays that her theater enacts. Additionally, she will explain the idea behind the establishment of the theater and its activities. Dramaterne is a unique theater society featuring a group of theater crazy, innovative and inventive young people fighting tooth and nail together to achieve their dreams and ideas. When they are back from Russia, our young expats will tell us much more about the festival, its results and hopefully show us a photo coverage.

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