Our collaborative partner from Kyrgyzstan has now written and informed us of how the money we raised for HIV-positive children in Osh has been spent: Just before New Years, 15 HIV-positive children visited the Children’s Entertainment Centre, ‘Illusion’, which recently opened in the city of Osh. ‘Illusion’ is the onlyREAD MORE

Our organization participated in the Copenhagen diversity festival, Taste The World, for the the fifth consecutive year. The event was very successful. We have collected 1202 dollars, which is the best result so far. We are happy for the children from Osh, because it means that our local partner inREAD MORE

In order to support HIV infected children in Osh (Kyrgyzstan) we have arranged Christmas marked on the 1st of December. Members of the Association came with the clothes and other things (toys, Christmas decorations, etc..), which they do not use anymore, but still have value. We sold it for 20READ MORE