Fight against stress

Fight against stress

The first meeting will be held in our conversation group, which is our new project aiming to prevent stress and depression. We have unfortunately seen that more and more members of our Association had reported sick leave due to stress.  However, we hope that a  talk in groups can help the person.

Our Association has examined the challenges met by foreign women who have a good education from their home country, a big motivation to enter the labor market as soon as possible and actively participate in the association. But many are far from fulfilling themselves in the new country. They are employed in jobs, where in fact they are overqualified what in result leads to depression. They lack a belief that they can use their resources and skills what also leads to the sense of giving up. A conversation group will provide the opportunity to talk about the feelings or problems, which women would not talk about to anyone. A conversation group is an opportunity to share thoughts, joys and sorrows with others – an opportunity to get support and encouragement and a new chance for change and development.
We will meet once a month in 2017. Women will, in turn, be responsible for meeting scheduling, drafting agenda, etc. The educational method refers to the  “women helping women” through guidance, group discussions and joint working.

The problem is very relevant and therefore, we will not restrict ourselves to the conversation group only. Exercise and good mood are also good tools to prevent stress. All members of the Association, who live in the Copenhagen area, can participate in both Pilates group and Dance group with Daliana. Both projects aim to prevent stress.


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