At the latest general meeting, that was held on the Maj  2018, there were was chosen the administration, which consists of the chairman, Alma Bekturganova Andersen , and administration’s members, Dzenana Secic, Nora Palacios, Valeria Lebedeva and Filiz Tekin.  Sabahat Cilgin Amedi  and Claudia Adeath have been chosen as the substitutes of the administration, and Lene Løgstrup and Tatiana Liubinetskaya as the critical observers.


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  1. Tak for de pæne ord til mig i anledning af, at jeg stopper som bestyrelsesmedlem. Er der enkelte opgaver, der skal løses, er jeg parat til at træde til. Held og lykke for de ny bestyrelsesmedlemmer!

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