Youth-Trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity

Youth-Trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity

World Women in Denmark is responsible for a partnership project between voluntary organizations in Denmark, Finland and Karelen (Russia). The purpose is to share experience of bringing together young people through creative projects within the cultural arena. The project is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Project Manager, Alma Bekturganova Andersen, who is also a member of our board, participated at the end of March in the first coordination meeting between the parties, and the main events of the projects were determined with dates.

In May 2018, a study trip to Denmark for representatives of Russian youth organizations is scheduled. Our task is to make the Russian youth aware of project activities of their Danish peers and help them establish contact. Our society takes the opportunity of participating in the development of relations to society organizations in Russia very seriously, because we aim to contribute to avoid a new Cold War between East and West.


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