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Members of Women of the World in Denmark are happy to offer their services as introductory speakers and in the partaking of any public event that may benefit from our perspective and knowledge from within our professional area of expertise.

Our portfolio in this field includes;

  • Job seeking and interviews within ethnic minorities.” A seminar built upon the experiences of immigrant women and the search for jobs.
  • “Immigrant women and personal finance.” Workshops that inform on matters such as monthly pay slips, pension, insurance and government benefits.
  • “Diversity in play; The unwritten code of honour within the Danish labour market.” Workshops for non-ethnic Danes in companies and institutions. This workshop can be used as a tool for providing participants an emotional experience and an opportunity to consider and react to the unwritten rules, norms and cultural diversity and discrimination that often manifests itself at the workplace as well as other areas of the public sphere.
  • “Appreciative communication – The problems of communication for non-ethnic Danes.” A seminar, debate and counseling event for societal groups and companies.
  • “Cultural differences and cultural communication through the eyes of immigrants.” Seminar-form, often used as an after work event. The presentation is based on examples from autocratic countries.
  • “Your network – your social baggage.” A presentation for non-ethnic women about how newcomers can best establish a network in their new country.
  • “Mentoring schemes.” Presentations, guidance and sparring.
  • “Business development from scratch and how to make it onto the playing field.” Counselling and guidance.
  • “The darned language – when the Danish language creates barriers for development.” Presentation and debate.

Introductory speakers: Alma Bekturganova Andersen, Lena Boel

contact: kontakt@verdenskvinder.dk

Fee and coverage of expenses to be arranged on an individual basis based on DM’s rates.

If you have any questions or comments please send us an email or fill out a form below.

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  1. Very interesting! Your organization does very usefull work for women and not only for women-immigrants.
    Integration – is a process of two sides. And participants of that process are local women and women-immigrants. And all women will win if the process are successfull.

    I liked your site as well – it is very easy to go though it.

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