Kvindernes Internationale Kampdag

Kvindernes Internationale Kampdag

On the 8th of March, up to 50 women and 3 men met up in VerdensKulturCentret to the debate on the topic ‘ Double glass ceiling ‘ for women leaders of ethnic background – women’s struggle or ethnic struggle? On the occasion of international women’s day, three women in leadership positions with ethnic backgrounds other than Danish were invited to discuss the ethnic women’s conditions in leadership and in the labor market.

The event was organized in collaboration between the VerdensKulturCentret’s Woman forum, Q Freedom and Verdens kvinder i Danmark.

The experts of the debate are: Saida Benakrich, area manager in the Centre for leadership KK, Copenhagen Municipality, Rubina Afzal, vice Director at Halsnæs Libraries, former head of Vollsmose Library and head of Vesterbro and Sydhavnen’s Libraries,  Ayfer Baykal, a member of the civil representation for SF, Copenhagen Danish parliamentary candidate in Herlev and Rødovre and consultant in diversity and voluntary associations in Frederiksberg Municipality.

The debate was opened by Yildiz Akdogan at 7 pm. Yildiz Akdogan is one of the first female members of the Danish Parliament, who has a so-called New Danish background,  and who explained why the 8th of March is still important to celebrate.  She pointed out that although the situation of women in the West is far better than the situation of women in developing countries, there are many areas where conditions for women depend on men. Yildiz’s point was that women’s struggle is a struggle for equality.  She explained her believes that Government’s policy, among other things such as 450-hour rule, only creates an increased inequality between the sexes.

The debate was followed by Q Freedom’s a spokeswoman Elmas Berke who gave the floor to the other members, who have put the focus on the topic – Ethnic women in leadership:

– What kinds of barriers do ethnic women meet?

– Does Jante law (Jantelov) play a role, or is it just a talk about a different understanding of organizational structures?

– Are the rules on the level of management different from the ordinary jobs’ rules?

– Are the expectations different?

A question about quotas, which was raised by the audience, was mostly discussed during the debate.

Karlygash Amandosova, Lena Boel, Polina Ottesen, Tanja Bushmeleva, Marina Pedersen, Inna  Emman, Lidia Rasmussen, Bethel Hagos og Alma Bekturganova participated in the meeting on behalf of the Association.

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