§ 1 The name

The organization’s name is “The World’s Women in Denmark”

The organization is situated in Copenhagen.

§2 The aim

The aim of the organization is to promote equality and a contact between women in the whole world:

  • Through  information
  • Through our own activities
  • In cooperation with the other associations and organizations, which is our aim
  • To help women-immigrants with the integration to the Danish society
  • To strengthen the positive public meaning towards the integration’s problems
  • To create and strengthen the positive image of the women-immigrants

§3 The activities

To reach the aim “The World’s Women in Denmark” can make or come with the initiative of making publications, films and other means. We can make our own researches and monitoring projects. We can also arrange seminars and exhibitions.

“The World’s Women in Denmark” can be responsible for consultations and concerning women’s problems and represent women’s interests. Finally the organization can offer lecture courses, study groups, evening schools and other forms of an information organization. Reaching the aim we should work with the wide public debates concerning cultural, feminist and society relations together with the establishing the conditions that will help to organize all these activities.

§4 The structure and the membership

The organization is the group of members. Everyone who supports the aim of our organization can become a member.

  1. 2.       Stopping one’s membership in the organization

To stop one’s membership in the organization a person should contact the administration in the writing form.

  1. 3.       The exclusion

The members who work against the organization or its aim and give the wrong description of the organization to other people can be excluded from the organization.  The decision of exclusion can be taken at the general meeting with the majority voting.


§5 The workgroups

The administration of the “The World’s Women in Denmark” can establish workgroups for managing different activities that contribute to the developing of the organization’s aim.

§6 Ordinary general meeting

The general meeting that is held every year before the 1st of June has the strongest power in the organization. Four weeks before the meeting the invitation and the program are sent by the administration.  The program of an ordinary annual meeting should contain the following things:

  1. A choice of the chairman and the secretary
  2. A decision about accepting or exclusion of the members
  3. An acceptance of the administration’s report
  4. An acceptance of the financial accounts and the information about the budget for the current year
  5. An acceptance of the working plan for the year
  6. Received suggestions, for example the amount of the members’ distribution
  7. A choice of the chairman and the administration
  8. A choice of minimum three substitutes of the administration
  9. A choice of 2 critical observer
  10. Other things

§7 The right of voting at the general meeting

All members who paid the distribution a month before the meeting have the right of voting at the annual meeting. The members of the administration don’t have the right of voting when it concerns the administration’s report. The general meeting is open for everyone, those who don’t have the right of voting may take part.

§8 An extraordinary general meeting

An extraordinary general meeting is held by the administration when 1/3 of the members has asked about it. The invitation is sent one month before the meeting as in the case of the ordinary general meeting. The extraordinary general meeting should be held at least 6 weeks later after the administration has accepted the program.

§9 Suggestions

The suggestions for the general meeting should be delivered to the administration at least 3 weeks before the meeting and sent to the members at least 1 week before the meeting.

§10 The structure of the administration

The general meeting chooses the administration that consists of about3-5 members. The administration is chosen by all the members who have the right of voting. (§7) The administration establishes its own order. The administration gives out the positions by itself.

§11 Administration’s meeting

Every year there should be held at least 2 administration’s meetings.

§12 Financial account and property

The organization’s account year follows the calendar year. The organization “The World’s Women in Denmark” should use an external auditor, if the organization’s budget is over 50.000 kr. The year’s report should be acknowledged and commented by the two critical observers before the ordinary general meeting. The administration is responsible for the organization’s financial decisions. The administration may deliver some of the expenses to an external bookkeeper. Organization’s property, beyond the cash, should be administered according to the rules as it demanded by the work’s order.

§13 Representation and responsibility

The organization is represented by the chairman. In other cases the organization is represented by the chairman’s signature or the signature of one of the administration’s members. Members of the administration take responsibility on themselves according to the special decisions.

§14 The change of regulations and the closing

The regulations can be changed with the majority of the general meeting. There should be 2/3 majority of the members to close the organization. In the case of organization’s closing, all the property goes to the Countess Danner Foundation. This was accepted at the general meeting on the 22nd of September, 2005. The last change was made at the general meeting on the 7th of June, the last extraordinary general meeting was held on the 13th of September, 2011.

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