The Danish Parliament and integration policy Committee

The Danish Parliament and integration policy Committee

In September 2010 the Association Verdens kvinder i Danmark has sent a letter to the Chairman of the Danish Parliament- Immigration and integration policy Committee, Karen Jespersen. In the letter, we have described the problems which highly educated foreigners face concerning the language.  The Association was invited to the meeting by the Committee on 23 of November, 2010, where Association’s members Karlygash Amandossova, Lena Boel, Polina Ottesen, Tatiana Sydorova, Suriya Ponzani, Marina Pedersen, Alma Bekturganova Andersen participated and talked about the attitudes toward one of the biggest barriers for integration, language, which is a barrier for many highly-educated newcomers in Denmark. Our goal was to contribute to the debate on integration, with the experience and needs, we see that our members have. We defined our insights on the issue of the language barrier and answered questions from the Committee.

We will continue to pursue our goal for more education of the Danish language, as an important aspect for ethnic equality. We aim that our opinions will be groundbreaking for a new law – a decision proposal the foreign and integration policy Committee and the political parties.

You can read the Association’s letter about the problem and Integration Ministry’s response here.


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