The World’s Women in Denmark are extending an invitation for the photography exhibition ‘Love Across Borders’. The exhibition takes place at the World’s Center for Culture building during the annual Copenhagen Culture Night celebration. The exhibition will be open from 19:00 on the 12th of October and takes its focalREAD MORE

We have completed our first big international project in which we, as an organization, have been the primary responsible party. Our Director recently returned from Karelia (Russia), where she held a presentation at the final Conference. The project “Youth trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity” stretches over three northern countries (Denmark,READ MORE

” Openness, the feeling of security and safety – those were the first impressions of Denmark that we got during our visit in the country”. The Russian delegation, which we welcomed in May, summed up their experience using these words. During two sunny Spring days we were busy completing aREAD MORE

We have taken the next step of our international project Youth-Trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity. We will now send two of the artists of our society to Karelia (Russia) to teach within their field of expertise. One is opera singer Yolanda Mendez Brockdorff and the other is professional photographer ClaudiaREAD MORE

”Women of the world in Denmark” commemorate this year that 100 years ago women in Denmark could run for parliamentary elections in Denmark. In cooperation with FIU-equality, we organize a brunch, where we have invited the pioneers of our generation – the first politically active women with an ethnical background.READ MORE

Get tips for your personal finances from a leading specialist. We have got a unique opportunity to present professor from Copenhagen Business School, Department of finance Michael Møller, who usually only advises an exclusive audience of wealthy investors. But this time he would also like to hold presentations for ethnicREAD MORE

Two young, creative Danish girls are on their way to Russia to contribute to the closely packed programme at the International Organic Youth Music festival “Tre Kyster” (“Three Coasts”), which will be conducted in the city Petrozavodsk, September 15-16, 2017. The festival is an important part of the project “YouthREAD MORE

The project ”Youth trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity” supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers has conducted its second event. This time, partners from three countries – Denmark, Finland and Russia- met in the Finnish city Savonlinna. The city is known for hosting one of Europe’s biggest opera festivals eachREAD MORE