Our collaborative partner from Kyrgyzstan has now written and informed us of how the money we raised for HIV-positive children in Osh has been spent: Just before New Years, 15 HIV-positive children visited the Children’s Entertainment Centre, ‘Illusion’, which recently opened in the city of Osh. ‘Illusion’ is the onlyREAD MORE

We are developing a concept for the organisation’s annual Christmas lunch, whereby an organisation member opens their home and hosts the event. The menu consists of traditional Danish Christmas lunch dishes, combined with celebratory traditions stemming from the homeland of the hostess. Last year, our hostess was Phuong Doan from Vietnam,READ MORE

Each year we arrange a Christmas event so that our members are able to enjoy different aspects of the many wonderful Danish Christmas traditions. This year, the organisation The World’s Women in Denmark invited its members on a Christmas stroll, guided by talented lecturers from ‘Københavnerture’, a company specialising inREAD MORE

  About two or three times a year, we arrange group visits to museums and exhibitions. Not only does this enrich our knowledge of art and develop our tastes and horizons, it also bears fruit in terms of social benefits as we get to know each other better. Every yearREAD MORE

A picture is worth a thousand words. The World’s Women in Denmark has a strong desire to help deflate the myth that claims the Danish to be socially shut off and unavailable for new friendships. We are therefore currently publishing portraits on our Facebook site of friendships between ethnic DanesREAD MORE

The World’s Women in Denmark are extending an invitation for the photography exhibition ‘Love Across Borders’. The exhibition takes place at the World’s Center for Culture building during the annual Copenhagen Culture Night celebration. The exhibition will be open from 19:00 on the 12th of October and takes its focalREAD MORE

It was a heavily attended event when well known feminist and Instagrammer, Ekaterina Krarup Andersen, was invited by our organisation to be a spokesperson. In inviting Ekaterina to come and start a dialogue with the audience, our aim was to raise awareness amongst our members regarding the new wave ofREAD MORE

We have completed our first big international project in which we, as an organization, have been the primary responsible party. Our Director recently returned from Karelia (Russia), where she held a presentation at the final Conference. The project “Youth trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity” stretches over three northern countries (Denmark,READ MORE

Throughout the fifteen years of our organisation’s existence, we have hosted numerous debates and organised many events focused on integration. Furthermore, we have also developed the ‘Clever Monday’ system that serves as a guide to the integration process with at least forty different topics. These can be found here onREAD MORE

World’s Women in Denmark are speaking at Folkemødet 2018. They will talk about the barriers immigrants meet when talking “incorrect fluent Danish”. World’s Women in Denmark have arranged a debate to take place at Folkemødet on Bornholm, 16 June 2018 from 10.30-11.30. We will be talking about the barriers immigrantsREAD MORE