Openness, the feeling of security and safety

Openness, the feeling of security and safety

” Openness, the feeling of security and safety – those were the first impressions of Denmark that we got during our visit in the country”. The Russian delegation, which we welcomed in May, summed up their experience using these words. During two sunny Spring days we were busy completing a comprehensive programme for our partners in the project Youth-Trio- Socializing, Culture, Creativity. They had to accomplish a lot in two days: become acquainted with the many opportunities of the Copenhagen Municipality, meet some of the societies working with social matters and the development of creative opportunities for young people in addition to seeing our beautiful city.

In addition, the visit coincided with May 9 – the day, when the victory over Fascism is celebrated in the entire Post-Soviet region, and when the Russian speaking citizens of Copenhagen meet at Bispebjerg Cemetery, where a monument for Soviet soldiers, who were killed during World War II, has been erected. Representatives of organizations in Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg first visited KraftWerket, a youth culture house, project repair shop and music venue. This is a local culture house, unique to Copenhagen, which offers young people incredible settings for living out their creative plans.

Afterwards, the guests visited ASKOVFONDEN KBH+, where they not only heard a story about, how volunteers and employees of the fond include young people from socially vulnerable groups; they also participated in finding solutions for different tasks helping to expand the creative potential of each person. This educational and eventful day ended with a joint dinner in a traditional soup kitchen.

This way of doing things impressed our guests as something new; yet something they might possibly recreate in their own cities. During the study trip, the guests also visited the World Culture Centre, where they listened to a presentation about how our society, World Women in Denmark, work. In addition, they were introduced to the company of the Copenhagen women integration centre’s Work Integration Social Enterprise called “Send More Spices”.

The visit finished with a guided tour on foot arranged by the volunteers of our society. The tour led by the mandatory spots – the Little Mermaid and Christiania. Everything will be completed by Septemb

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