About us

The organization “World’s Women in Denmark” was founded on the 22nd of December 2005. We are the organization and our aim is to promote equality and a contact between women in the whole world:

  • Through  information
  • Through our own activities
  • In cooperation with the other associations and organizations, which is our aim
  • To help women-immigrants with the integration to the Danish society
  • To expand the contact between Danish women and women together with the women organizations in the former soviet republics in the Central Asia and Caucasus
  • To strengthen the positive public meaning towards the integration’s problems
  • To create and strengthen the positive image of the women-immigrants.

We can reach this with the help of publications, films and other means. We come with the initiative or make our own researches and monitoring projects. We arrange seminars and exhibitions. We would like to establish the organizations representing interests of women, their rights and problems. Finally we would like to offer lecture courses, study groups, evening schools and other forms of an information organization. Reaching our aim we will work with the wide public debates concerning cultural, feminist and society relations together with the establishing the conditions that will help to organize all these activities.

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